Small Group Scenerios: Part 1

We are in the process of launching our small groups at Connexion and part of that process is recruiting leaders for this new, wild ride!  One of my “new recruits” emailed me some of the most thoughtful questions I have gotten on the subject of small groups.  Over the next several days, I want to open a dialogue about small group concerns and issues.  Ok, on to the discussions!

First, (please don’t take offense to this) don’t you think people will be more likely to be in the small group that is led “by the ministers”?

I want and need fellow staff involved in my ministry.  I need them to participate in a group or even be wiling to lead a group.  Having staff and key leaders involved in small groups gives it validity.  People see that we value it and thus, they should to.  But, I see the concern here.  There is still a vibe with some “churched” people that they need to know their pastors or ministers very closely and that they can do that by being in their small group.  The obvious concern here is the situation that mass sign-ups to a pastor’s group causes.  You cannot have a small group with 50 people in it.

Have you seen this issue arise in your ministry small group leaders?  Help us out.  Let’s learn from each other’s experiences!

4 responses to “Small Group Scenerios: Part 1”

  1. I’ve seen it done two ways:

    1) The lead pastor leads a targeted small group for new-comers or people looking to take the next step spiritually.

    2) At the “mother church,” all the pastors and elders were interspersed among other groups, and the majority of the time, they weren’t leading. They let lay-leaders take the group and were there to participate as group members rather than running the show.

    My two cents on this is that it’s important to empower your people, because the church is going to spread and grow most rapidly through their influence anyway. It’s not about me as a leader and how many people I am able to “touch” or allow opportunities for interaction, but rather how I am training and raising up leaders so that the small group or the movement isn’t dependent on me.

    At the church I’m at presently, in addition to #1 above, the pastor has a small-group with key leaders which they do in addition to other small groups they may lead or their other ministries.

  2. I honestly feel opposite than you Jason. I, personally, would feel alot more comfortable in a non-minister led group. Now I do agree that the small group leader should actually be a “leader” in the church, but I wouldn’t really feel comfortable in Jason H.’s small group.

    • I actually don’t feel like many people would want to be in the minister’s group. I agree with you. I think it is easier to open up not in front of your minister.

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