Church Attenders & Facebook, Twitter

Church attenders - YOU SHOULD BE ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER... Why would you bother wasting your time on that stuff?  Because it is a great way for your church to communicate things that are happening with people and ministries at your church in REAL TIME. At Connexion, we utilize a Facebook fan page and a … Continue reading Church Attenders & Facebook, Twitter


In Community with your leaders…

Are you in community?  That is, with your small group leaders.  As point leaders in small group ministry we are constantly beating the drum of community amongst our groups and their leaders, but are WE in community with our leaders? It is as important for the leadership community to be tied together with each other … Continue reading In Community with your leaders…

Catching up

This last weekend was a great time for catching up.  My younger brother and his wife were at my parents' over the holiday weekend and we got to spend about twenty-four hours with them before they make their way back to LA.  My brother is Pastor of Technical Services at Real Life Church in Santa … Continue reading Catching up