Life update…

Hey everybody!  Yes, yes, I left Facebook.  I am still on Twitter and if you are as well, you can follow me by making a request and I will click you through! Some things have developed over the last week or so.  The job possibility at a large Christian camp here is still on the … Continue reading Life update…

Light & Dark

I remember in college I would do everything I could on the weekends to sleep in.  I would take extra effort to block out every crevice that might let an ounce of light into my dorm room.  I wanted to hide from the light.  The light signaled a day that I wasn't quite ready to … Continue reading Light & Dark

Rescue Me From My Marriage?

In light of the topic of this week's message at Connexion, I wanted to repost this video I saw at my blog friend, Jenni Catron's blog this afternoon.  If you are expecting this product to rescue your marriage, you may want to look into a plan b!

Week 1

Sunday was Connexion's kick-off to our grand opening celebration.  We have prayed, worked, and loved people.  Now, we are doing this for real.  Connexion is open and we got to meet 40 to 50 new people this past weekend.  It was awesome.  Time to keep moving in on our goal of reaching the unreached and … Continue reading Week 1