The Next Right Step

On Sunday, Pastor Will challenged us to identify where we currently are in relationship to Jesus Christ. He walked us through the continuum where most of us find ourselves…

  • Spiritually Indifferent – You aren’t seeking God. You don’t see the need for Him.
  • Spiritually Inquisitive – You are looking for answers, but maybe you are looking into each and every possibility, including other faiths.
  • Red Zone – You’ve been seeking God and you are close to crossing the line of faith.
  • New Believer – You’ve crossed the line of faith. Everything is new and different.
  • Whirlpooler – You’re stuck in your walk with Christ. You find yourself like that place in the river where water is caught in the cleft of a rock that spins and spins. All the debris gets caught up in that place. You’re finding it hard to get back into the stream.
  • The Growing, Fruit Bearing Disciple – You are dialed into how God has made you and you are consistently spending time in God’s presence. You are active in community life – you spend time with other believers to encourage, be encouraged, pray, seek God and serve. It becomes less about you and more about others. This is where we all want to be.

So, where do you find yourself? Which stage are you in today?

Every stage has a next right step.

For the spiritually indifferent, evaluate your heart and life. Where is the fruit in your life? What is your life about? Ask questions about what may be missing.
For the spiritually inquisitive, take a long hard look at the person of Jesus Christ. Investigate his life and his teachings. That’s where you will find real life.
If you find yourself in the red zone, what is it going to take to cross over the line? What are you waiting for?
If you are a new believer in Jesus, are you in community with other believers or are you trying to do this solo? You need people who are further along than you to help you grow AND the community needs the excitement and passion you bring as a brand new follower of Jesus! Now’s the time to jump into community and establish it as a part of the foundation of your relationship with Jesus.
To whirlpoolersreach out your hand and ask for help out of the whirlpool. We weren’t created to spin our wheels in the muck of life. Community offers you encouragement, support, prayer and love back into the stream of real life!
Growing Disciples…if you are growing in Jesus, your life is not for you. Get in the game! Pray for the spiritually indifferent. Have important conversations with the spiritually inquisitive – sharing your story of faith in Jesus with them. Block for those in the red zone, so they can cross the line of faith. Be the hand whirlpoolers grab back into the stream. Maybe it is time to start and lead a small group.

Lastly, if you are a follower of Jesus, have you taken the important step of being baptized in water? Baptism is a public sign of what Jesus Christ is doing in you through His Holy Spirit. God wants to use you to be a witness to his greatness and his love. What is stopping you? I’d love to talk to you about this very important step.
There’s no time like the present. What is your next right step? I’d love to hear from you. Where are you and where do you want to go?

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