Our Purpose is His Presence.

God’s intended place for us is in his presence. My life sometimes lives in other places, how about yours?
I find myself immersed in the stuff of this earth – the shiny, temporary things that look full of life but only fade away with time and pressure. God created us for his presence. In the garden, at creation, he was there with Mankind.
Fast forward to today – to where we sit right now, in the moment in which we are. God has again ushered us into his presence through a relationship with Jesus Christ and the dwelling of his Holy Spirit in us. Through that spectacular gift of love, grace and presence – he has made us priests. As Holy Priests, we have been given access to all the things of God. It’s that vertical axis of the cross that Pastor Will spoke of Sunday.

It is God’s presence that leads us to the places we need to go, and if we are really experiencing his presence – they are the places we want to go.
So, how would you rate your desire for God’s presence in your life? Is that level of desire for a new closeness with him driving you to his Word? Is it driving you to community with his people? Is it driving you to discover the ways he has uniquely made you? Are you giving everything you have to him in worship – which includes giving?
For some of us, this begs the question – How do I start seeking his presence? Just ask him. Ask him for more of his presence. Ask him for a desire for his presence. The Holy Spirit in you will lead you to the answer to that prayer.
As Pastor Will loves to say – God loves to answer those prayers for more of him.
As the cross above illustrates, God’s presence leads us to everywhere else he wants to take us. Let’s start there. I can’t wait to see you Sunday as we seek his presence together. Let’s come with anticipation of what he will do as we show up to meet with him. See you Sunday at 10am sharp! 😉

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