Here We Go!

On Sunday, December 16, I officially became the Pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship | brushycreek. I am extremely humbled and very excited to start this new chapter with you. I know that God has some amazing things for us in this new chapter and I can’t wait to see all that he has laid out before us as a church.
We are and always will be a church that is pushing to enable the seeker of purpose, meaning and truth to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. We cannot go to places with people that we are not going ourselves. So in 2019 – We are going to renew our focus to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. Let’s allow him to take us to new levels of knowledge of who he is, new heights of loving him and those around us; and into new experiences of serving the God who created us and knows us like no one else.
I am looking forward to serving alongside you as God leads us into this new chapter.
I hope you are too.

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