2 thoughts on “Jesus didn’t come to make Christians…

  1. Well, that is an interesting thought and I do enjoy the fact that you are “stirring the pot”. I suppose at first I must what definitiion of Christian are you using? If it is what I would term and “American Christian” then no, I don’t think he does. The word Christian is so over used to describe religion and many who compartmentalize Jesus into a once a week church visit. Those who fall under that definition rarely allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives, and don’t allow their religion to bleed over into personal, work, or entertainment life.

    Now, if the definition is “a follower of Christ, such as a disciple to a rabbi”, then I would say yes. Typically speaking, any one who would claim to be Jewish would understand the thought that a rabbi is validated by how well his followers adhere to his teaching. If that is our desire behind being “Christian” then yes I think he would care. That being said, I try to become more aware everyday of how by life as a disciple reflects on the teachings of the Rabbi.

    • I’ll start by clarifying my definition. Since the word “Christian” isn’t in the Bible and was a word given to followers of Jesus as a derogetory nickname, I mean it as a group of religious people who mark Jesus off their list each week. Stirring… 🙂

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