Go big or go home

The bi-annuals. That’s what my brother calls them. You know them, you’ve seen them in your church. They are the the folks who show up twice a year, on Christmas and Easter.

So as a pastor, how do you approach this opportunity to preach to a group of people that you only see these two times?

I am going to break this down list style. Yeah, bullet points…

1. If you are directing a message toward a group of people that you only see twice a year, you are missing it.

Jesus’ entire ministry was on the road. He didn’t really have a home base or a “church home”. He went to the people and he taught his followers how to do the same. If our strategy is only attractional and isn’t intentionally missional, we miss Jesus’ point in Matthew 28. He said, “Go,” he didn’t say, “Hang a shingle and hope they show up.” Get out in your community and build REAL relationships with REAL people and impact them for Christ. Don’t just sit back and wait on them.

2. Always bring it, at all times, every week.

Of course I know that you won’t always “have it” 52 straight weeks, every year. However, don’t ever be ashamed to preach the Gospel as Christ leads. Even though we want to break down the Gospel into bite size pieces that those unfamiliar with Jesus can understand and chew on, we NEVER WATER DOWN THE GOSPEL. Always. Bring. The Heat. Always. By heat, I don’t mean “fire and brimstone” sermons that scare people to Jesus. What I mean is, tell people the TRUTH about sin, the truth about death, the truth about life, the truth about hope. Tell them the truth about Jesus Christ. It is the best gift you can give them. Why are we so worried about being rejected? We do not carry the burden of their rejection. That burden is carried by God. It is His grace and merciful heart that is being rejected. Let Him carry that, you carry the message. As a Bible College professor once told me, “If you don’t preach the message of Christ, it is not a Christian message.” We get caught up in self-help crap when we have the life-giving message of Jesus. BRING IT! Don’t back down. Find new ways to creatively communicate TRUTH, yes, but don’t back down.

What are your thoughts?

3 responses to “Go big or go home”

  1. Well…. I agree. Bring it every single week. Inspire, ignite, inter-act! Don’t miss a chance to reach them. Even if they come twice a year…. reach them and go reach out. A good topic that could really be expounded on. I guess, I wonder why you only come on one or two busy days each year? You might as well come every week… & I do agree it is all our job to reach out. I also agree we must be emotionally connected to each other.

  2. So guest pastor this week….Harlan Kincade from Whitestone Christian. He said two things that stuck with me…. He asked “How many of those who were in service last Sunday really connected with the message of forgiveness.” He also used the example of Easter candy now being half off in the store. That made me think that what you should connect with from the Easter story should cost double after you know the price that was paid….

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