One Word 2012

I have spent most of my young adult/adult life making resolutions. I’ll spend some time on New Year’s Eve thinking about the things I need and want to change about my life and then spend about 5 minutes actually committed to it.

This year, that changes. My resolution this year is to trash resolutions. Instead, I am focusing on Christ and what He wants to change in me – focusing on the work He wants to do this year through my life.

My friend Alece has start a movement, and I don’t use that word lightly, she really has started a movement. The movement is focused on making one word the focus of what God wants to do in you this year. I have spent some time contemplating this last year and praying about what God wants from me and to do through me in 2012, and I believe God placed a word in my heart that communicates His intentions on my life.



When I first heard God speak this word on my heart I was seriously conflicted. I was like, “God, you want more from me? You want me to do more?” And God cleared up my confusion with these words: “No Jason. I want more of your heart and I want you to want more of me.”

In 2012, I am committing so see how God wants to expand my heart for what His heart beats for. I want to desire more of Him in me and I’m excited to see how God brings me there in 2012!

2 responses to “One Word 2012”

  1. hey, fellow one-worder, I clicked your link from the community page. You are the person who linked immediately after me.

    So I wanted to stop by and say hi. I look forward to seeing how God moves in your life over 2012.

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