Life update…

Hey everybody!  Yes, yes, I left Facebook.  I am still on Twitter and if you are as well, you can follow me by making a request and I will click you through!

Some things have developed over the last week or so.  The job possibility at a large Christian camp here is still on the table.  The catch? They aren’t filling open positions until July or August, so I had to determine what my action plan was.  In order to stay down here and continue my job search, I have been able to secure a short-term lease on an apartment in Tyler.  So I am VERY excited to get to reunite with the rest of my stuff and get settled into a place this weekend.  I am also excited that my move will mean more time with my amazing kiddos!

Please continue to pray.  My house is still on the market in Lafayette, Indiana and also for my search for a job that will help me pay my bills longterm, or short-term as I wait out the camp job.  I would love for God to use me in a setting like the camp, so pray that His plans for me will be made clear.

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