Job hunting in 2010

Being unemployed, I have gained quite a perspective on what you have to do to get a job in 2010.  Now, let the record reflect that I don't know all there is to know, after all, I have been looking for a job since April with no luck.  However, I have discovered some things I … Continue reading Job hunting in 2010


Nothing a little job won’t cure…

Things have settled down some for me lately. I have moved into an apartment about 5 minutes from my kids in Tyler, TX. It has been great to see the kids more and to get to be at all of their events. I am however, still looking for employment. I have many resumes out there … Continue reading Nothing a little job won’t cure…

Job Update

Some of you know that I have been waiting to hear back from a potential job opportunity here in East Texas.  My situation here is interesting to say the least.  Right now I am living at a church friend's lake house and have until the second weekend in June to find my own place.  It … Continue reading Job Update