All Messed Up

I am overly obsessed with being happy.  I wake up one day focusing on what I don’t have and that makes me unhappy.  So, I spend time trying to figure out how to be happy.  What things will make me happier?  How can I get certain things back into my life and routine to make me happy?  How can I avoid certain other situations to make me happy?  I am learning (emphasis on in process of…) that I am asking the wrong questions about the wrong topic.

I am in no way saying I have figured it out.  Actually that is why I am bringing the discussion here.  Here’s what I am wondering – What if God is less concerned with our happiness and more concerned with our holiness?  What if that holiness is directly tied to our joy and joy is way more fulfilling than happiness could ever be?


2 responses to “All Messed Up”

  1. I totally agree. God is more concerned with our relationship with Him than our own wish list being fulfilled. Our joy that comes from knowing God and knowing that we are right with Him will be more fulfilling than checking off our own list of wants. Of course, if you’re like me my list keeps popping back up again! 🙂

  2. Our happiness is not a concern of God. Our heavenly father wants us to find joy in our sorrows as well as our abundance of blessings.
    Happiness is our decision, a choice we make. Circumstances, people, events, etc don’t make us happy or angry or sad….we choose our response. Focus on growing in Christ and finding JOY in life, the decision to be happy will fall into place.

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