30 Day Challenge…

I have been feeling a bit restless lately.  I have narrowed the cause down to a few areas…

1. I am physically UNFIT.
I need to focus on my physical health and get it in check…period.  That means going to the gym, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep.

2. I am not where I need to be spiritually.
I have let a lot of positive habits slide over the last six months.  I need to set aside the time necessary to cultivate my relationship with Christ.

3. I am being lazy relationally.
I need to invest more in the the most important relationships in my life.

SO…what do I do about all that?  I honestly have been kicking that around for a week or two when I watched Carlos talk about what he is doing. (Go check it out…go…seriously, I’ll wait.)

I’m in…this is what I have been waiting for, the kick in the booty that I need.  So starting tomorrow, I am going for it.  Will you join me?  Let me know below or by tweeting it!



2 responses to “30 Day Challenge…”

  1. Jason, I hear ya. I feel the same way. I just get so caught up in what “needs” to be done, that I feel like I have no time or energy left to invest in those things. I could use a good challenge to get my priorities back in line too. I’m in! (I’ll probably journal my progress though.) Thanks for sharing!

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