IN Dependence

Those of you who commented on yesterday’s post left me thinking about how much we rely


on God.  A few weeks back I spoke atConnexion about prayer and how many times we use it as a red phone. You know what I mean right? We only use the red phone for a national crisis or real life emergency. Prayer becomes our red phone.

Red phones and prayer got me thinking about how this: How can we truly rely on God for EVERYTHING, if the only time we communicate with Him is in crisis?

I think our parents set us up for failure in this area, and their parents before them. We teach our kids how to be independent people. To be able to function outside of relationships with others. I have heard parents make prideful remarks about the level of independence their child has…shoot, I probably have said it myself.  It is great to be able to think for yourself. It is great to be a self-starter. BUT – we set our kids and ourselves up to be alone, isolated, and lacking community with others and with God when we strive to be more independent. Instead of being independent, we should strive to be IN Dependence on Christ.

I personally struggle with this.  I have a tendency to either be super controlling or I just give up.

What about you? Are you an overly independent person? How have you successfully fought against your tendencies to be that way or to totally withdraw?

One response to “IN Dependence”

  1. Coming from a person with OCD… this is the HARDEST aspect for me.It honestly scares me to death to think about giving up control… what if it’s done wrong. But, if anyone, God is the one I need to do this for. He has never failed me yet, and never will… it is just a hard concept to think about. I fail my children in the same way… I have little OCD children that also just want to do things their own way. I have never really thought of it as a bad thing before. Thank you for pointing out the flaws in my thinking.

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