I’m Back!

Well without warning you, my faithful blog readers, I went on a retreat for a week with Katie to a great place in Wisconsin called Cedarly.  It is a pastor’s retreat center run by Pastor’s Retreat Network.  It was one of the top ten experiences in my life.  I will get into the specifics of some of the stuff God revealed to me later this week, but until then, these are the two things you need to know:

1. If you are a pastor in a local church in a full-time capacity, you have to get here.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.  We need time to reconnect to God and our spouses.  There is no substitute for quiet, dedicated time listening to God speak into your life.  Pastor’s Retreat Network believes in it and you so much they don’t charge you a dime to be there!  That includes lodging and meals by a personal chef…Mike rocks!

2. If you believe in your pastor’s work and want to see him or her succeed in their calling from God, send them here.  Also, make a donation to Pastor’s Retreat Network.  Like many other non-profits, they are hurting financially right now.  This is a ministry the church needs to help the mission succeed!  You can make a donation here.

Stay tuned all this week for posts on our experience!


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