Challenging thoughts about small groups

I jumped over to Spence Shelton’s (one of my colleagues from the Small Group Exchange) blog tonight to find some thoughts on the resurgence of the church and  small groups from the Advance09 conference.  Check out these thoughts…

challenging thoughts:
– less than 17% of people age 17-29 are in a evangelical church in the west.
– we must engage in long-term active repentance to see a resurgence of the local church.
– the local church must revolve around Jesus
– we have done a poor job in Christian education

– Sunday school is not welcoming to non-believers
– Small groups studying the same thing the pastor is studying creates unity in the church.

I can’t wait to see more a in depth breakdown of these thoughts from Spence!  What are your thoughts on these issues?
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3 responses to “Challenging thoughts about small groups”

  1. First off, 17% of young people are in an evangelical church in the West?! This should be an eye opener to us all! We must start asking why aren’t we reaching that demographic.

    Secondly, being in small group ministry for awhile now I completely and totally agree that church alignment studies create a TON of momentum for small groups. However, they must be done with excellent proactive planning and thought in order for them to have a big impact.

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