My living list…


Rob Bell wrote in his book “Sex God,”

“Being fully human is our job. Thinking and laughing and arranging and creating and relating and designing and nurturing and responding and reacting and pondering when googling became a verb and wondering and exploring and meditating and acting and making long lists of verbs and calling and talking and feeling and sharing and doubting if this paragraph is ever going to end and teaching and learning and jumping on a trampoline and sighing and celebrating and dancing and turning to the person next to you and saying: ‘This is living.’

“You can make your own list because you know what it is that makes you feel alive, what it is that feeds your soul, what it is that reminds you that the goal is to be fully human. What’s on your list?”

After reading this, I began to think about my list.  What is it that lets me know I am fully living?

Growing and loving and leading and laughing and reading and learning and praying and seeking and showing and wrestling and hugging and kissing and listening and talking (a little) and protecting and trusting and walking and helping and serving and writing and sharing and playing.

I am sure there is so much more to add.  Thanks common jason for sharing this! What’s on your list?

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