Weekend Thoughts…


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to our people about fear.  It is a topic I know intimately.  There have been times in my life that I have let fear paralyze me from action that needed to take place.  There has been truth that needed to be spoken that was left silent due to fear.

I have heard it said and I believe it to be true, that some of the most regrettable sins we commit are the ones where we should have done something that we never did – where we lacked follow-through.  Fear is a key component to leaving things undone.  Fear keeps us from doing the things we should be doing.  I know I have left some very important things undone because of fear in my life.  As I lean into my relationship with Christ through digging into the Bible, that perfect love of God literally begins to drive the fear out of my heart and I have grown to the place where I chose action and faith more times than I chose fear.

Join in the conversation!  How have you let fear keep you from key actions in your life or how has your relationship with Christ helped you grow past some fear in your life?

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