Rescue Me From My Marriage


This weekend at Connexion, we are tackling the issue of marriage.  Marriage is rough.  On the wedding day, everything looks nice, smells nice, is covered in flowers.  The world is perfect and nothing can ever go wrong.  Then the next day, real life begins.

Marriage is hard.  It takes work to make a marriage work.  The problem with most of us today is that when the “passion” runs out, so does our commitment.  We think, “I don’t love you anymore.”  “I’m out of here.”  We are lazy in commitment.  We are selfish in love.

This weekend we are going to talk about how in our marriages we can replace our human idea of love with God’s idea of love.  When God’s love infiltrates our lives we can understand what loving our wife or husband really means.  God can rescue us from our marriage and replace it with the marriage he provides through his perfect love.

Join us this weekend at 9:00am and 10:35am!

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