We all need rescued…


This past weekend, we launched our new teaching series at Connexion, called “Rescue Me.”  We all have issues in our lives that we need rescued from.  Some of us have found ourselves wishing we had someone else’s life.  Some of us have fallen into the trap of the promises of a material rich lifestyle and now are up to our eyeballs in debt.  Others of us feel trapped in a marriage that we wish someone would rescue us from.  Depression has trapped us inside our own minds and we feel like we are witnessing our own lives from inside a bubble of dispair.  Fear has paralyzed us into inaction.

Whatever we are experiencing in life, God has a response.  We are not alone.  His promises are true and trustworthy.  He yearns for us to experience life on the other side.  He longs to rescue us from our lives by renewing our lives with hope in Him.

If you are in the Lafayette, Indiana area, join us for this series.  Be rescued!

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