Too Deep?

This weekend I will be finishing up our little mini-series on being deep.  Last week we talked about being “Two Deep” in our ministry.  We want each person at Connexion to reproduce themselves by investing in the ministry of someone else.  This week we will be talking about being all in with the mission of Christ, comtemplating the question “Too Deep?”  The world looks at us and wonder if we have gone off the “deep end.”  Sometimes we even look at a fellow believer’s commitment and wonder the same thing.

God woke me up this morning to give me some insight into his message for the weekend.  Honestly, I have been struggling with this message all week.  I think that my struggle with this message was my quest to write it and present it all by myself.  God has some bullet points in mind that he wanted to share.

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome service.  Connexion folks, BE THERE!!!  DON’T MISS IT.  But, I have to warn you, this message isn’t going to rub your back and sing lullabys in your ear.  It will mess you up, in a good way.  It has been messing me up these last couple of hours…SEE YOU TOMORROW!!

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