Have you ever mixed someone up?  I mean, thought you were talking to one person, but in reality you were talking to someone else? I have. When I was a child, my mom took me to see my dad in the middle of the day at his office.  At that time, my dad worked in … Continue reading Dad?

Do you hear them?

As we prepare for the holidays I was reminded as I read Matthew 20:29-34, Jesus' heart for those who are spiritually and physically hurting in our world. As Jesus and the disciples left the town of Jericho, a large crowd followed behind. Two blind men were sitting beside the road. When they heard that Jesus … Continue reading Do you hear them?

New Series…

Last weekend, we kicked off a new series at Connexion called, "ONE."  The central theme of this series is relationships.  First, we are focusing on potential relationship we all can have with God and how then, that relationship should impact the other relationships we have with others. Last weekend, our Lead Minister, Jason Hight's message … Continue reading New Series…

Being Externally Focused and Worship

Internally focused churches find themselves lacking in relationships.  This happens because an internally focused church teaches people unintentionally to be selfish.  This selfishness tends to turn “outsiders” (those outside the church) off.  Actually, selfishness turns us all off, doesn’t it, unless its us behaving selfishly!  On page 19 of The Externally Focused Church, the author … Continue reading Being Externally Focused and Worship