Turbo Groups

Tonight, I will be leading my XGroup, our small groups at Connexion for the second week.  We are taking our entire launch team through groups right now, called Turbo Groups.  These groups are designed to be short, yet effective ways to experience group life.  We want these potential leaders to experience group life so they can evaluate the impact on their lives and how God may use them to lead others in that type of impact.

We are doing a six week series called, “Life on Loan.”  This series is all about living beyond yourselves.  It is an understanding that God made us with this one life that does not belong to us, but is on loan to us to do the good works he has planned for us in advance to do.  As we go through this material, we are breaking up the sessions into two three week intervals.  The breaks are intended for more indepth leader training for those who are on the fast-track to XGroup leadership.  We will meet for two 1.5 hour sessions to discuss the issues surrounding leading a group and to answer any questions that these leaders may have from experiencing a group themselves. We have found Turbo Groups to be very effective in getting leaders ready to lead in a big way!

What are some ways you train potential small group leaders?  How have you been trained?

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