Family Night

Obviously we have always done things together as a family, but Tuesday night was the first time we have ever had an organized “Family Night.”  Katie (you can get more info about our night at her blog) and I are putting together organized, themed Tuesday nights each week and we kicked them off Tuesday evening.  This evening was called “School Days.”  We had planned on doing it a few weeks ago, but with the move and my job change, everything got pushed back.

It was awesome just to hangout together, do some crafts, and play with the kids.  The best part was they understood that as busy as our lives are, we set aside this block of time to just be with them.  The next step for me in my recovery is to actually turn off the iPhone during Family Night!

How are you carving out time with your family?  Let’s share ideas! Leave a comment by clicking the comment link.

Check out these pics!

Abbie leading storytime!
Abbie leading storytime!
Mommy and P walking to the playground for recess!
Mommy and P walking to the playground for recess!
Painting chalkboards!
Painting chalkboards!
School Lunch!

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