Venues and Outside the Box Thinking

Being a brand new church planter, I am new to the search for venues.  The difficultly of a venue search is something that I never really thought much about, growing up in a church with its own building and working in existing churches.  The exciting thing about new church planting is the creativity that goes into evaluating venues.  There has been no other time in my ministry life where I have thought so out-of-the-box, as we evaluate possible venues for our new church.  It is amazing to see the possiblities of sites and programs that can happen in non-traditional venues.

This type of excersise, though necessary for the launch of our church, it has been amazingly stimulating to my creativity.

What are some things that God is using in your life to challenge the status quo or thinking of old things in new ways?  Contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment!

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