I have been posting here for almost a year.  Wow, I can’t believe that!  Anyway, over the course of this past year, I have been trying to discover what go GRANDE really is.  Do I want a place I can just spew my opinions, do I want to tell funny stories, do I want to help equip leaders of all kinds?  What do I want to use this for?

One of the things, as a champion of community building that I value is the process and benefits of actually building a community.  This blog doesn’t fit within my personal vision if it doesn’t build community.  SO…here is where you come in.  Right now, there around 50 to 60 of you that come by here everyday to check in with me and I appreciate it!  But, what I would love to see happen here is that go GRANDE would just be my contributions, but all of us.  Obviously, I will get the conversation started, but one of the things that communities do is learn from one another.  Let’s learn from each other everyday here at go GRANDE!

How?  We can learn from you only if you contribute by leaving a comment.  When it really gets going everyone leaves a comment and then comes back later in the day to check if someone else has commented and you can even leave comments to comments!  See how community gets built here?

All you have to do is click on the title of the entry and it will load a box at the bottom of the page where you can comment!  It’s that easy!  Join in!

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