Day Off

One of the things about ministry is that it doesn’t work on the standard work week.  Because our worship occurs on the weekend, most paid staff get a day off during the standard work week. Plus, you never know what hours of the day, a connection with another person will be made.

When I first started in ministry, I loved having Fridays off because it was a great way to get a long weekend. Since moving to Lafayette, Indiana 3 years ago, I have taken Mondays off.  First, it was a way to take a longer weekend and still have a staff person in the office.  Now that I am with Connexion, our new church plant, we have a strong value of teamwork.  Because we have that value, our staff works the same days and takes days off together.  My days off have become a way not just to create a longer weekend, but now I value my Mondays as a way to recharge from weekend worship and get ready for the awesome ride that is working shoulder to shoulder with our staff and launch team all week.

I recharge in many ways.  Some of these might seem odd.  I enjoy doing the grocery shopping for the week.  With my family off to work and school, Mondays are a great day for shopping.  I find it theaputic.  I do some reading.  I kick-start my week by, as Mark Batterson says, “getting my synapses firing” for the week ahead.  Sometimes I spend a few hours sitting at Starbucks listening to music and reading while drinking a cup of coffee.

Hey Pastor Types – What do you do to recharge on your day off?
Let’s get a conversation going here at go GRANDE!

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