This Weekend…

I am really excited about getting the opportunity to bring the Word to our people this weekend.  This weekend is our Spring Parent Dedication Day.  We will be taking the time to encourage the new parents in our fellowship to dedicate themselves to raise their kids to love Christ and others.

Our Children’s Minister, Max Gross will be challenging the parents and our people to work together to give these kids every opportunity to accept Christ at some point in their lives.  After that, I will get to challenge everyone with how to strive for a successful family.  My message is titled, “abc’s of Family.”


The pace of the world we live in a drastically different than that of when my parents where kids, light years faster.  The pace is even blazing fast compared to what I experienced as a kid.  There is a lot of pressure on parents to give their kids more opportunities for experiences.  Combine extra-curricular activities of kids with frenetic work schedules of parents, and the slots, if any remain, for faith activities, how can parents hope to remain the greatest influence in their child’s life.  One of the main ideas I am working on for the weekend is “quantity time versus quality time.”  If you are a part of BLCC, you probably will be surprised what I am going to say.  I can’t wait!

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