I haven’t said anything about it yet, but I am going to a new conference I am super excited about! On May 22, 2008 in Reston, Virginia, church planters and leaders from all over the place will converge in Reston Towne Center for this revolutionary conference. The idea is this…1 day, 8 speakers, 30 minutes each to present one big idea. This conference is so exciting it even caused my wife to forgo a spa day to come with me, and my wife HATES conferences.


What is this conference? It is called The Whiteboard Sessions. I am looking VERY forward to this conference. Now, I am not a church planter. I am a church planter trapped inside the ministry of a existing church pastor. I love innovation and there is not greater innovation going on than what is happening in today’s church plants all over the country. What do I hope to get out of Whiteboard? I want to get some vision for planting a new church inside the hearts of an old church’s people.

Join us at Whiteboard…this will be an amazing conference. Registration is only $99 until the end of the month!

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