Playing on Defense

765591_football_1.jpgAre you a football fan? I have been watching football since I was like 8 years old. Why is it that when teams have a slim lead in the final few minutes of the game the start playing the “Prevent Defense?” There is a saying among football analysts, “The prevent defense prevents you from winning.” The prevent keeps your players back, not engaging the offense.

In the Church, don’t find ourselves playing more on defense than on the offensive. As the people of God we should be storming the gates of hell, not sitting back and letting the enemy advance on us and our people.

Living in Indiana, I am a Colts fan. Commentators often say that the Colts defense is undersized. But, they also say they are one of the fastest defenses in the NFL. A big, slow defense often gets caught playing back and looking slow. But a fast defense that flies to the ball can often play offense on defense.

Don’t just sit back and let the enemy run their offense. Come at him. Go on the offensive. Even if you feel like you are going through a time when you are being attacked, fly to the ball and play offense on defense.

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