My Baby Girl Is Now My Little Girl

As if my impending 30th birthday a month from now isn’t reminding me how aged I am getting, my baby girl lost her first tooth tonight. Guess I need to stop calling her that…


One response to “My Baby Girl Is Now My Little Girl”

  1. Nope you never need to stop calling them your baby girls/boys.

    My first born is almost 20, and even though he likes to think I don’t have to worry about him anymore, he is still may baby boy. He’s just taller.

    My girls will always be my baby girls, even when they have baby girls/boys of their own. I try to tell them that and they roll their eyes and say “MOOOOOOOOM” but it’s all good. One day (after they turn 30 at least) they will be mom’s themselves and they will see.

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