Light & Dark

I remember in college I would do everything I could on the weekends to sleep in.  I would take extra effort to block out every crevice that might let an ounce of light into my dorm room.  I wanted to hide from the light.  The light signaled a day that I wasn’t quite ready to tackle.

I got to thinking this morning…we hide from the light.  I have let Christ into my life, but how far in?  Have I let his light shine deep, to the places where I am hiding my deepest sin and issues?  Inevitably, in my dorm room, I would miss a crack or crevice and at just the right moment, light would shine into my room, ushering in a new day for me.  The light of Christ shines into the dark places and brings with it a new day, full of hope, grace, and joy.  I don’t always understand why I am reluctant to let something that awesome permeate my life.  Do you?

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