Questions: Part 1

Eugene Peterson raises some questions in response to the story of David and Goliath that have implications for my life as we approach Christmas and the dawn of a new year. I am wrestling with these questions…

Are we going to live this life from our knees imaginative and personally? Or are we going to live it conventionally and second-hand?

Have you ever described your prayer life as imaginative? Me either. I too often lack consistency in my prayer life, let alone imaginative.

What would an imaginative prayer life actually look like? I know that I long for a prayer life and faith life where I am no longer surprised by how God answers prayer. An imaginative prayer life would boldly ask and faithfully anticipate God’s answer.

How often do we live out our faith in safety and comfort instead of risk and imagination? I find it easy to sit in mediocrity and live my faith secondhand through the extreme faith of others who are risking everything for the cause of Christ.

What about you? How do you see an imaginative prayer and faith life?

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