Eugene Peterson raises some questions in response to the story of David and Goliath that have implications for my life as we approach Christmas and the dawn of a new year. I am wrestling with these questions…Let me know what you think.

1. Are we going to live this life from our knees imaginative and personally? Or are we going to live it conventionally and second-hand?

2.Are we going to live out our God-created, Spirit-anointed, Jesus-saved being? Or are we going toady and defer to eunuch professionals?

3. Are we going to be shaped by our fears of Goliath or by God?

4. Are we going to live by our admiration for Saul or by God?

One response to “Questions”

  1. These are all great questions to ponder, both now and every day of our lives. I can think of many more. Basically it comes down to the foundation of our faith and relationship with Christ. We have to decide to live out our faith and to not be content to sit idly by and let others do it for us.

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