Passivity. Will. Kill. You.

Those words popped up on my Twitter feed this afternoon.

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I’ve spent nearly two years trying to identify the issues that plagued my life in marriage, parenthood, and ministry. One of the places I’ve landed?


Passivity is the tactic used by the Enemy that gets me to disconnect, to withdraw from situations. It’s the voice that says:

It’s ok, you can procrastinate on that ministry project or relationship. This place is mediocre anyway.

It’s ok, you’re tired. Your kids will be there to play with tomorrow.

It’s ok, take work home. There will always be time with your wife later.

Everyone deals with passivity at some point, but for men/husbands/fathers, passivity is horribly deadly. When we get passive and don’t take initiative in our homes, we lose credibility in our families and our families lose respect for us. Passivity leaves children looking for leadership from anyone who offers to lead. Passivity leaves wives lonely and vulnerable, longing to be led and protected.

For me personally, the truth of passivity meant…

Lazy ministry.

Time lost with my kids that I will NEVER get back.

A horribly painful divorce.

Resist passivity. Take initiative in your relationship with your kids. Give them the best time of your day, not your leftovers. No matter what the culture of your job is, be better than that. Give more, do best work, not good enough to get by work. And with your spouse, NEVER take them for granted. Don’t ever expect life will always look like it does today because life turns on a dime and that person you love most in world may be gone tomorrow.

Passivity. Will. Kill. You…slowly and with little realization of what is really happening. Fight it. Take back your life. Ask God for help in resisting one of Satan’s most deadly weapons.

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