Valentine’s Day

Why can’t I seem to get this?

I have always struggled with my identity.
I have always put too much stock in what others think of me.
I have even carried worry around over the opinions of people whose opinions weren’t worth the effort of worry.

Let me confess something.
I’ve spent too much of my life consumed with what my life would look like in the future and whether there would be someone doing it with me.

I’ve spent too much time finding my worth in other human beings and not enough in what my Creator thinks.

So now, on my second Valentine’s Day since being divorced, I find myself pushing back at the earthly pressure to be attached. To have my self worth connected to another person.
What I’m learning, and trusting in, is that when I’m content only in Christ, the other stuff comes naturally and in a healthier way than if I wiff on my own.

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