In Community with your leaders…

Are you in community?  That is, with your small group leaders.  As point leaders in small group ministry we are constantly beating the drum of community amongst our groups and their leaders, but are WE in community with our leaders?

It is as important for the leadership community to be tied together with each other and you!  Leaders need someone to go to when they struggle with their groups and if that level of community and intimacy is in place between your leaders, the pressure can be lessened on your leadership.  Other leaders can help each other through difficult situations in their groups, or personal lives.  The possibilities are endless!

What can you do to create authentic community among group leaders?  Get them together to pray for each other.  Have fun together!  Right now I am organizing a paintball outing for our leaders.  How many times do we stress to our leaders the importance of connections outside of the organized group time?  The same goes for our leadership community.  Let out there and live life with your leaders!

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