Catching up

This last weekend was a great time for catching up.  My younger brother and his wife were at my parents’ over the holiday weekend and we got to spend about twenty-four hours with them before they make their way back to LA.  My brother is Pastor of Technical Services at Real Life Church in Santa Clarita, CA.  With both of us in full-time ministry it doesn’t make it very easy to see each other.  Of course we talk on the phone and text, but it isn’t the same as face-time.

As I was driving the 158 miles home last night, I got to thinking…leadership is the same.  I can email all I want to my small group leaders.  I can talk to them on the phone.  But, nothing compares to face-time.  I have realized in the last couple of weeks that I am suseptable to mis-prioritizing.

An email can’t adaquately communicate vision.  It can’t convey your excitement about the direction of small groups.  A phone call doesn’t show your body language.  Don’t short circuit your ministry success!  Schedule face-time with your leaders!  Catch up with them.  Get into their lives.  We say we are all about our people living life together.  Let’s do it too!  Live life with your leaders and coaches.  They need us to fill them up.  They need us to care for them.  Let’s do it!

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