Why leave?

So why do people leave a group?

1. “Its just not for me!”
Some people have community in their lives and can’t see a reason to force another venue for it.  These people are few and far between, but they do exist.  Some people just don’t like being around other people.  Obviously, these folks have greater issues than a small group can fix.

2. “My group stinks!”
There are crappy groups out there!  There are various reasons why groups stink (we will get into those in a later series of posts). If your group stinks there is no reason to stay together.  We want groups to be healthy and many times that can happen for groups by shutting down and each person becoming a part of another group.

3. “My group is inwardly focused!”
I am a proponent of open groups so when a group becomes closed off, it may be time to close it down.  If the group no longer fulfills its purpose of reaching new people, it may be hard to get it turned around.  The only way to fix the issue may be to disband and start from scratch.

4. “My group is too large!”
This is the easiest one!  When a group becomes too large it needs to plant a new group from within itself.  Sometimes we have to say goodbye to great group life in order for more people to experience it.

One response to “Why leave?”

  1. Because this is why I have left various groups, I can say:

    # Lack of commitment. I am very busy, you are very busy…let’s all get there on time or better yet…just show up!

    # Lack of transparency. I am a sinner, I have done some majorly stupid/bad things in my life. I am A-OK with men in the group knowing what I struggle with. Get over yourself and be honest with each other. If not, what is the point of a small group again? Social club? Lame.

    # Direction not clear. My last group rocked out on this point, but others haven’t been so hot. Because it was just guys, we had a list of items grouped by spiritual disciplines, character qualities and relationship. We each would select one from each category and focus on it for a quarter. Each meeting we would rate how we did the previous week. It was great.

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