Do you have “it”?


I recently finished reading Craig Groeschel‘s book, “It”.  This book hit me square between the eyes.  It seemed to come at the perfect time for our team at Connexion.  March was our grand opening month.  We are just beginning this journey of making sure that our church is what it is supposed to be – that God gets what He wants out of it.  “It” will shape our DNA and who we are from here on out.  One of the major themes that I pulled from this book is that I want to always remember what it feels like to have to literally depend on God for viability.  Right now in our church’s life, we are depending on God for everything from finances down to whether anyone shows up on Sundays.  Craig describes a time when took their eyes off of Him and instead were depending on their own innovation and creativity to do ministry.  When Connexion gets to the place where we are financially self-sustaining, I want to still have that overwhelming desire to invite the miraculous power of God into the process of what we do.  To trust only in his ability to save people, not our own foolish ambitions.

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