A great day…

This morning I left the frigid weather here in North Central Indiana for the even colder Windy City to meet with some amazing church leaders!

I started out visiting the Yellow Box in Naperville, home of Community Christian Church.  I had a great lunch with Eric Metcalf, The Adult Ministry Director.  I know Eric from my Lincoln Christian College days.  Eric has amazing insights into building relationships and community through small groups.  Community Christian has pioneered multi-site ministry in the Chicago suburbs where they have 9 campuses and small group communities all over Chicagoland.  It was great just to pick Eric’s brain about how to structure successful small groups.

After leaving Eric, I met Scott Hodge at, you guessed it…STARBUCKS!  It was great to catch up with Scott about ministry and life.  Scott is the lead pastor at The Orchard in Aurora, IL.  The Orchard is a dynamic church that went through an amazing re-birth a few years ago under the leadership of Scott and his dad.

The things I pick up from these guys is like going to a conference, only it is JUST FOR ME!!

If you could spend several hours with a leader, who would it be?

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