Small Group champions

If a program is to be at the heart of a church’s ministry it needs champions.  Champions are people who publically and privately show unwavering support for the program and its benefits to the entire Body.  Church staff have to a part of this group so the people know how truly important.

If small groups are to be at the center of a church’s education strategy, it needs champions.  It needs more than just a director or minister assigned to run it, it needs the church leadership and senior staff promoting and participating.  I have found it hard for small groups cannot thrive as a central strategy if the following don’t exist:

  • The elders/leaders don’t buy in or don’t participate in a group themselves.
  • The senior staff leader MUST hold up the importance of small groups in messages, conversations, and by personally being in or leading one.

If these conditions are not present, small groups cannot survive because people don’t understand the value and importance because it is not modeled for them by champions.

It what ways have you seen small groups succeed or fail because of the presence or absence of champions?

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