Details, details.

This week hits at what seems like the worst time. Holiday weeks like Thanksgiving can be brutal to church staffs due to the way the holiday falls during the week.
Mondays are typically my day off. Our team decided that we would close our office on one day and all take off to Sabbath together in order to dig in each week together as we work as a team toward the goal of reaching the unreached and connecting the unconnected. This week however is different for a few reasons. First, Thanksgiving. We have to write off two days at the end of the week. Understand that I will fully engage in the holiday by resting and giving thanks to our creator. Yet, Sunday is still coming. Second, Connexion, our new churchplant launchs in 13 days and time is at a premium. Please pray for us as we approach our December 7th!

How do you deal with holidays and workload in whatever field you work in, especially in the church?

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