The Reward…

I am writing a talk for this weekend on the reward of being a part of the mission of reaching the world for Christ.  I am looking for personal stories of the reward you have experienced being a part of God’s harvest.  Will you share your story with me?  Comment here or email me your story…

One response to “The Reward…”

  1. We started an outreach to Bikers here in South Africa. You can read more of it in the About Us section of my blog.

    The rewards are when you see huge, rough tough Bikers with eyes full of tears sharing a testimony.
    An alcoholic, guilty of manslaughter coming to grips with the love of Christ.
    An ex-prostitute lifting her hands in praise to her Saviour.
    An elderly man drawing in a crowd of friends and relatives to watch him be baptised, amazed that he is now a Christian.
    A couple getting saved and now, 18 months later, racing ahead with charity work and even transporting Nick Vujicic around on his visit to South Africa.

    Just a few of the ‘rewards’!

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