Election Day ’08

Today we will elect new representatives for our republic.  We elect people that we want to be respresentative of us.  We want them to vote for us.  But, have you ever thought that maybe we rely on them too much?

You are about to read something that may shock you.  Our hope is not in a candidate.  No candidate running in today’s election can bring about the change our cities, states, country, and world needs.  I am in no way saying that we shouldn’t vote or be involved in our nation’s political process.  We have to go into the process with our eyes wide open, understanding that legislators and politicians cannot save people.

As followers of Christ, if we believe that we can change people’s lives by legislating our beliefs in law form we show ourselves for who we are – lazy Christians.  That’s right, you read that right.  When we push and pressure political leaders to legislate our faith, we are lazy.  Christianity is a one on one, relational faith.  It was never meant to be legislated or nationalized.  Faith in Christ is at its best when it is related one on one in a living room, listening to the struggles of the single mom next door.  It is at its best when my faith engages a friend in the tragic moments of life because my love for them is the greatest gift I can give them in that moment.

When we spend more time lobbying politicians to force people to believe like us, we take the easy way out.  We stop spending one on one time with people who need the love of Christ.  We stop being his hands and feet.  We forget that the people who might disagree with us on some issues are people who matter to God too.  So today, as you vote for your favorite candidates, do it with the understanding that it doesn’t let you off the hook.  You and I are still God’s best chance to bring heaven to earth. You and I, in the power of Jesus Christ, bring the Word of Hope to our world.

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