Monday Coffee – The Threat to the Harvest

Starting this week, we will be opening up the discussion of Sunday’s topics at Connexion.  We’ll call it Monday Coffee.

Yesterday, we kicked off our new series, Seize the Harvest.  This series is all about looking to the community God has placed us in and joining the mission to introduce them to Christ.  Yesterday, our Lead Minister, Jason Hight challenged us to look at “The Threats to the Harvest.”

Jason said that we are the greatest threat to the harvest. The reason that is true is because while we talk about “Acts of God,” God is concerned with the in-action of Man.   We don’t always fulfill our end of the mission.  The big idea for yesterday’s service was, “Because we are partners with God in his harvest, we have a responsiblity to that harvest.” We can’t just expect God to do all the work nor can we try to do it all ourselves.  We are partners.  Jason gave us three benchmarks:

1. God is looking for extraordinary workers. (Colossians 3:23)
These workers aren’t perfect, just doing their best with what God has blessed them with.  The extraordinary comes in when we allow God to use what we have to the fullest.

2. God is looking for spiritual and mature workers. (1 Corinthians 3:1-3)
It is important that we continue to grow as we serve.  It is crucial to the success of the harvest that we grow closer to Christ and that we mature in our serve.  We cannot continue to live on milk if we intend to be a part of the harvest.

3. God is looking for nurturing workers. (1 Corinthians 3:9)
Are we fertile ground for Christ?
We are where Christ dwells. Does it show to the world?  Are we a church that exists only in the four walls of a building or are we the Church out in the world, our community?

Connexion folks…How did this challenge you?  Had you thought maybe that you were the biggest threat to God’s harvest?

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