I expect you to do certain things…

Major league baseball finished its season last week with the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series.  This was one of the weirdest World Series I have ever witnessed.  Game 5 was started in a downpour and then in the middle of the sixth inning was suspended.  This was the first time in MLB history that a postseason game was suspended.  Major League Baseball never foresaw a scenario where a deciding game in October might be rained on so severely that it might be cancelled, suspended or postponed.  MLB had no rule in place to handle this situation.  So…they had to rule on the fly and change the rules in mid-series.  No one would expect a World Series to be decided by a rainout made official after the 5th inning, yet MLB’s rules didn’t speak any other alternative except by a Commissioner’s descrection clause.  I expect MLB to do certain things.  I expect for them make the game fair.  I expect them to plan for things that can detract from that.

This situation made me think about how we might not be meeting the expectations of God and the people we serve by thinking through the scenarios that can be detrimental to our mission.

What are some ways you see where we as leaders are not fairly meeting expectations?

One response to “I expect you to do certain things…”

  1. GO PHILLIES! I was IN Philly to witness the win…it was quite the party, let me tell ya! 🙂 My hubby, a native Philadelphian, was quite happy this week.

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