Are we too “me” driven?

I was at McDonald’s this morning with the kids (cut me some slack, there are very few places here where I can take the kids during Katie’s Summer Life Group when it rains!) and I overheard a woman at the next table having a conversation on her cell phone.  It went something like this (obviously I only heard one side):

“We went to hear Scott preach on Sunday.  I don’t know, he wasn’t there.  He was on vacation.  When we realized we wouldn’t hear him preach we left, went back home and changed our clothes and went out for breakfast.”

Should this surprise me?  If it should, it doesn’t.  Church for so many people has become about a person or people and no longer about Christ.  If the person we are expecting to preach isn’t we leave.  If the things we want to hear, we don’t, we complain.  It isn’t about us folks, it’s about Him.

What do you think?  What experiences with this type of selfish behavior have you had?

3 responses to “Are we too “me” driven?”

  1. I’ll go one further and submit that we often forget about others too. We think “our” church is there for “us” and forget that it is a tool to reach others, a place to invite them to, a place where they can encounter God.

    If things about our churches change or become foreign to us because that realization has taken place, we need to adjust our “me-centered” perspective even further. I hear of people leaving churches because they don’t like steps that are taken to reach out to others (granted, they *should* be wise, prayerful steps), and it disappoints me.

  2. Kevin…
    Totally agree. I am in no way suggesting that we not try to reach outsiders.

    Christians forget the “why” of the existence of the Church. We need a better balance.

  3. This seems about right in our consumer christianity society. We want it like the fast food joint you were sitting in. We want it now, we want it our way, and if it is not we will take our toys and go home.

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