Monday Blog-Love

Starting today, Mondays are Blog-Love days. I will bring you a site or blog that is doing some good things. Today’s blog-love goes to a friend of mine from college who is doing some great things to help eradicate poverty.

Trevor Devage and his wife Laura started Remedy For This Heart to help be the answer to Christ’s dream of bringing all men to him by helping the poor. The phrase “Remedy for this heart” popped into Trevor’s head and along with a message podcast he listened to brought out the question of what all of it meant. Trevor enlisted Laura’s help and this was her response…

What if it means we are supposed to meet the needs of others and by doing so we become the “Remedy For Their Hearts” of brokenness.”

So, Trevor and Laura started producing these cool t-shirts. Trevor and Laura then donate the proceeds to Yellow Shirtorganizations that help meet the needs of the poor and under-resourced around the world. Through buying a shirt you can literally be “wearing the hearts of others on our sleeves.” Head on over to their site and buy a shirt or two. I bought my yellow one and it is on its way to me right now! Can you help me get the word out about this ministry? Would you be willing to write a post about this and post back here or comment about your post to let me know?

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