Ragamuffin Top – Week 1

Ok so I got to see Carlos’ awesome LA Ink tattoo up close last week at Whiteboard as the Churchy Media guys were interviewing him in front of my booth at the Blogger’s Lunch and decided to follow his blog again. This week Carlos introduced the Ragamuffin Top Challenge. What that means is, he invited everyone to join him in getting healthy. I am in on this! Each Saturday I will post my progress from the week before. Here is my goal and my starting place…

– I want to get down to 190…here is my starting place. I’d say 224. I know my scale is a cheap-o but I was just at the doctor a few weeks ago and this is fairly accurate. Also, there are top notch scales at my gym, so I will keep tabs on it. This week I want to be at the gym at least 4 times and cut down the bad eating habits ( I know that’s not really measurable as much, but oh well).

You should check it out and join on in!

3 responses to “Ragamuffin Top – Week 1”

  1. this is too weird. So i found your blog through the Ragamuffintop challenge. Well, who would have thought that you would have posted a video about your kids playing at a park i grew up going to as a child. I actually grew up in West Lafayette and graduated from Purdue.

    Go Boilers!!!

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